Sumi-e painting done by Vicky Robinson is spontaneous and free of any sketch lines, which gives each image energy. She uses traditional brushes and rice papers from China.

The watercolor paintings are based on a concept that is rooted in Chinese art. Ancient Chinese scholars identified four honorable character traits and symbolized them with four beautiful plants, “Love” (plum blossom), “Grace” (wild orchid), “Strength” (chrysanthemum) and “Peace” (bamboo). These four images are the basis of Chinese art and were named “The Four Gentlemen.”

Vicky likes naming character traits for additional subject matter she paints, finding that each subject seems to have its own strength of personality.

Sumi-e painting is said to flow from the artist’s soul down the arm, dancing out of the brush and reflecting onto the paper. It is this intimacy that connects with the viewer.